Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Christmas break

Okay, here we go. What do I want you to do over Winter break? I want you to do a lot of things, however, I know that won't happen so how about what I WISH for you to do?

What I would suggest is to start reading chapter 10 and make notes on it. We need to hit the next 4 chapters in about 2 weeks max. The more you know when you walk into class in Jan. The better off you will be and the less you will have to read then. I can not stress enough to write notes and questions as you are reading the chapters. Write down terms, or phrases, names, or places that you don't know, or that confuse you, then look them up or post them on here or the other website. It is amazing how many people are willing to help find answers. Not to mention the additional websites I can give you, to help you with background information. I do think, that once people actually get involved in discussions, the class will get easier. Do not think that I will make it easier, I won't. BUT I will know then, that you are at least trying to step up and do what is needed to raise your grades in my class.

I would like to see more people using both websites that we have up and running. I'm going to start using this more so I would highly suggest that you start checking both sites. One never knows when they might find some surprises.

For now I'm off of this tonight. I'll try my best to post on here at least 2 times per week, maybe more if I find more people using it. Extra notes,vocab words, ect. Would this help anyone? Guess we shall see won't we?