Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Just a thought.. make sure and look at the questions.. I posted earlier. Correlate some notes with the questions.. then.. add the posts together to make a great essay answer!

Just a thought.

Now how to read the book. Easy. Take one section at a time, read it, and write short notes down as you are reading. Nothing BIG. Names, places, era's are seen more often than small indiviual dates.
Ex. Crusades- Christians vs. ?????, why?, and the outcome of the crusades, NOT individual crusades.

Make notes on women's roles from each Empire studied. China, India, Middle East, N. Africa. We will soon encompass all of Africa, add in Europe, and more of China.

Think about this. How did the plague effect civilizations? Why did it effect some, but not others? Why were some more effected than others. How did it effect populations? Decline, Incline? what area's?

Just a few things to think on! Enjoy the night, so far you are doing an EXCELLENT job!


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