Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Just a thought.. make sure and look at the questions.. I posted earlier. Correlate some notes with the questions.. then.. add the posts together to make a great essay answer!

Just a thought.

Now how to read the book. Easy. Take one section at a time, read it, and write short notes down as you are reading. Nothing BIG. Names, places, era's are seen more often than small indiviual dates.
Ex. Crusades- Christians vs. ?????, why?, and the outcome of the crusades, NOT individual crusades.

Make notes on women's roles from each Empire studied. China, India, Middle East, N. Africa. We will soon encompass all of Africa, add in Europe, and more of China.

Think about this. How did the plague effect civilizations? Why did it effect some, but not others? Why were some more effected than others. How did it effect populations? Decline, Incline? what area's?

Just a few things to think on! Enjoy the night, so far you are doing an EXCELLENT job!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Why is it that the more one tries to help others, all the others want.. is less work and more given to them withouth doing any work at all? Even in the midst of ignored homework, poorly used class time, and more excuses given than hours in a day, someone tries to help, yet others simply find something "wrong" with the help, instead of using it to the fullest. Go figure..perhaps.. there is no use for a blog to help others, or a webpage, perhaps.. it is more important to post jokes and riddles, than look for information that might help grades in history class. Why should extra credit be easy? And why should it be announced 1000 different ways on more than one occassion? Sarcasm? YES! I find it very hard to understand that Extra credit is supposed to be easy. I find it hard to understand why people can't use ANY means to find out what could be done in class.

IF a student truly wants to make the grade, or raise their grade, then i would think they would check this and the website on more than one occasion. Homework is homework. HOME being the key word there. If you can't get on the net at home, make time to do it during the day at school. There are ways, but it is not up to me to find them for you. It is not my grade, I'm simply trying to find ways to make you responsible for your grade, your work, and your attitude. SEEK and you shall find ways.. to improve grades, to learn, to research, and to become responsible. I'm looking for those who are honestly insterested in making the grade with hard work. NOT freebie grades. I don't give grades. You earn them.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Extra Credit

If you are reading this, it means that you might actaully be using this to help your history grade. If you are then I will give you an extra credit assignment that is due within 48 hours of this post, which means it will be due on Wednesday at the beginning of history class. Read the document on page 151, and answer the questions at the end in paragraph form. It does not have to be extremely long, just long enough to fully answer the questions and make a good paragraph. Yes it needs to have a thesis statement. Now please don't pass this along by word of mouth, only simply make a post to me saying you will turn it in to me on Wednesday. If you read it, I think you deserve the extra credit. Good luck and I'm glad to see you are using this!!